New Ventures!

I've finally found a little time to put together some items for the new i|z site! I still have a lot of cleanup & housekeeping to do with the code and some image adjustments and layout but, for now, this is where we're headed.


Please check back soon and if you'd like, feel free to check out the blog which is coming soon!  'lil frog




Creating the New Vision.

frogIn today's ever-changing way in which the world gets information, an effective web presence is essential for businesses of all types. 


The Web is one of the most cost effective ways of putting your business' products, services, and abilities in front of a VERY large audience—all the time - 24/7.



we provide websites that are CSS-based (tableless) which grow as your organization grows


 we upgrade existing websites a new and updated look that is pure, clean, and functional


indy|Zigns can help you update your existing marketing presence and create a clean and consistent image


we help document and prepare your content so it remains relevant to your audience (and to search engines)